Sunday, 23 August 2020

Uniquely Creative - Wildflower About You

Hello there!! Its already Sunday afternoon here, the weekends go so fast and there are always lots of jobs to do. The weather yesterday was so hot and beautiful, like Summertime. Today not so much but have some cards to make, so all good.

We have a new Stamp and Colour Mini Kit for you at Uniquely Creative called 'Floral Bunch'.  You know how much I love flowers, so was super excited about this one. This is one of the first cards I made:

It has so many different flowers and they are the perfect size for colouring and adding shading etc. I have a tutorial on how I made this card on the Uniquely Creative Blog HERE. It gives a step by step look at how I put this together and what products I used.

I'm off outside now to trim some hedges. Normally I don't have to do this until October but with all the good weather, things are growing at an alarming rate. Even my fruit trees are about to blossom which is really early. Maybe its Global Warming or the panic in the air as our poor New Zealand country is being crushed by a second wave of COVID-19 according to Mr Trump.  He just loves to bring everyone else down to divert from his own failures.....

Take care

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  1. He does love to bring down everyone. Just be grateful he's not your leader. The coloring is perfectly gorgeous. The colors are glorious.