Tuesday 18 October 2022

Playing Cards with Friends - Halloween Edition!!

 Well, hello there everybody!! Hard to believe its been just over 18 months since my last blog post but here I am. There have been a few things going on in my life that needed attention, so I had to make the hard choice last year to remove myself from all my DT's except one, and limit myself to just posting on Instagram and Facebook. So I've still been making cards and trying all sorts of new ways to craft.

Recently my friend Michele of I Card Everyone (who I've known since I started my card making adventures around 9yrs ago...) contacted me and asked if I'd like to take part in her 'Playing Cards with Friends' series. She chose the month of October which meant 'Halloween' so I couldn't say no. And also knowing she does this with a blog post I thought it would be a great time to start posting again!!

So, Michele gave me some guidelines for the card:

 - Make a Halloween card, scary as you like with a dash of funny

 - Must use a die, even if just for the sentiment

 - Colours: Black, green, purple and orange + one of my choice

 - Here's the Trick:  No Pumpkins!!

I have to tell you, I used to make the craziest Halloween cards that really pushed the boundaries but haven't been able to the past few years. This really got me excited and I LOVE the final result:

Trust me to have teething problems after not blogging all this time......My photo is completely in focus after being 'resized' with Photoshop but as soon as I put it on my blog post its blurry..... I'm so sorry, have retaken the photo 15x but I can't get rid of the blurry.....maybe this is why I stopped blogging. You can see a much better image on my Instagram shona.chambers  or Facebook page.

My colour of choice was the 'red' for blood of course and I did sneak in a little 'blonde' for my poor woman's hair. Goes to show that you can spend hours looking gorgeous for it to then be pointless!!

I'm running over to Michele's Blog now to see what incredibly scary and hilarious card she has come up with. Hope to see you there and thank you so much Michele for getting me excited about card making again. xxxx