Wednesday 30 October 2013

Fun with Teresa Collins 'Family Stories'

Wow, two posts in one day!! Just about to go to bed and decided I would quickly do this post first. I also purchased the 6x6 pad of Teresa Collins 'Family Stories' a few weeks ago and was dying to try a card with black cardstock. Thought these papers would be perfect!

I just love all these colours together and the wording on the front strip. Told my Mum this is a 'family' card, to give to someone who is an important part of your family. A bit modern for her but she liked it.

And aren't enamel dots the best!!!! Wish they came out in sheets of 100, I wouldn't be so cheap with them then.

Must go to bed!!


Oh how I love grey and white!!

A few weeks ago I purchased a 6x6 pad of Teresa Collins 'Memorabilia'. Was flicking thru it and always came back to the same grey and white pattern. I don't know what it is about this combination at the moment but it seems so modern and clean to me. Decided to put it with my other favourite combo (white and light blue) and came up with this card. Not the hardest card to make but am trying to play around with my paper sizes and placements (trying to get out of same layout everytime.......).

Just flicking through the pad again, feel another grey/white/light blue moment coming on.......

Take care

Saturday 26 October 2013

Last minute card ideas

So, last night I was just putting my children to bed when I had a sudden idea for a card. A few weeks ago I purchased a 'hello' die from I Love Scrapbooking.
Its a new online craft store based in New Zealand that has lots of gorgeous new things. I had an idea to make a very simple card using the die and this is what I came up with. I love it!! I used a teal patterned paper from Lawn Fawn 'Into the Woods' 6x6 pad I received recently. And just a few enamel dots from Teresa Collins. Its very me. Then......

I thought what will I do with the cut out 'hello' from the die cut. I decided to make kind of a pair of cards, using the same Lawn Fawn 'Into the Woods' paper and only the blue enamel dots. I usually put my papers in the usual straight up and down or across position and wanted to step out of my comfort zone. It is my favourite card I have ever made so far!!!!!

I have a few Pinterest boards (tried to put the 'pin it' button on this blog with no success) and have decided to start a new board with my creations. Will be interesting to see if anyone likes them........

Take care

Friday 25 October 2013

My Lawn Fawn Products have arrived!!!!

I have been loving Lawn Fawn  products from afar for months and trying to find someone in New Zealand who either stocked them or could get them for me. Finally the wonderful Ella at Artful Crafts  in Timaru, was able to get them through their supplier. So I now have in my possession:

Into the Woods                  6 x 6 paper pad
Into the Woods                  4 x 6 clear stamps
Woodgrain backdrops          4 x 6 clear stamps
Peace Joy Love                   6 x 6 paper pad
Peace Joy Love                   4 x 6 clear stamps

Have spent the last two nights sitting up till 1am playing around with the stamps and trying to colour them in so they look kind of cute. I don't own any Copic Markers and love watching the tutorials that Lawn Fawn has of people colouring in their critters etc. I ended up raiding my 8yr old's gel pen sets, markers and crayola crayons. I showed her in the morning and she thought the critters looked so cute but I'm not so sure.

Anyway, I finally sat down last night and made this card. At this point I only own ink pads in black, green and sky gray from Versa Color.  Definitely need to order a nice red and light blue. 

The string of lights stamp is quite long and I only have one small acrylic block about 10cm square so had to become inventive. I ended up by using a lid from a Sistema container. The stamp stuck to it quite well and was see-through so I could see where the lights were going. I have my eye on a Fiskars large rectangle push down stamp thing. I see alot of people using them in their tutorials. Fingers crossed no one outbids me!!!

Pouring with rain here today which is great for my garden and maybe I won't feel bad making some more cards during the day today instead of gardening.  Have two more cards to share with you, will save them for tomorrow (unless I make a million today....).

Take care

Saturday 19 October 2013

My first sympathy card

A friend of my mother's (who also became a friend of mine) died last week and my mum asked me to make her a card to send to the family. Having never made a card that wasn't 'colourful' and 'joyful' in some way, it was quite hard for me to work out what to do. So sat down quietly and went thru all my papers, finally coming up with this pattern from Teresa Collins. 

I love grey for anything and thought it was sombre without being depressing. I didn't want to use flowers as they always seem to be on sympathy cards. I thought this pattern represented her age (she was in her 80's) and the grey and white showed her style and simplicity in life. She had been sick for years but she was always so positive and I will miss her stories of her wonderful life. 

Barbara was a wonderful woman who did amazing handcrafts herself, so hopefully she would have loved this card.

Friday 18 October 2013

Not enough hours in the day!!!

Can't believe so much time has passed since my last post. We had a wonderful holiday on the farm and didn't want to come home. I arrived home to 363 emails which really made my day. Took me ages to get through them all and had missed so much on my favourite blogs in a week. We then had the second week of the holidays to get thru until the kids went back to school this week. Have still been catching up with myself and helping my Mum who just had shoulder replacement surgery. As always it's go, go, go!!!!

So, as you can imagine I have had so many ideas but so little time to actually craft. By the time I finish all my jobs its 10.30pm and my energy has waned. But have managed to fit in a few cards and projects here and there.

I finally had a chance to use some sequins that I found at The Warehouse. It is a mix of this colour blue in 3 different sizes along with a darker blue. It also has a light and dark green. The colour is so beautiful I didn't use any others on this card in the end. I also found the greyish glitter ribbon at a local $3 shop. Am only just getting into stamping and haven't got my hands on a decent black ink pad yet but have finally found someone who sells Hero Art Ink Pads in New Zealand.

Let me know what you think and may even get a chance later tonight to put up another project. And hopefully I will do some more crafting into the night since its the weekend....yippee!!!!

Take care