Saturday, 19 October 2013

My first sympathy card

A friend of my mother's (who also became a friend of mine) died last week and my mum asked me to make her a card to send to the family. Having never made a card that wasn't 'colourful' and 'joyful' in some way, it was quite hard for me to work out what to do. So sat down quietly and went thru all my papers, finally coming up with this pattern from Teresa Collins. 

I love grey for anything and thought it was sombre without being depressing. I didn't want to use flowers as they always seem to be on sympathy cards. I thought this pattern represented her age (she was in her 80's) and the grey and white showed her style and simplicity in life. She had been sick for years but she was always so positive and I will miss her stories of her wonderful life. 

Barbara was a wonderful woman who did amazing handcrafts herself, so hopefully she would have loved this card.

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