Saturday 23 May 2020

Funky Fossil Designs - Gardening Superpowers

Hi everybody!! Its been a glorious day here today and I've been busy picking up hundreds of Autumn leaves and mowing my Mum's lawns. I've got the fire going and its so nice and warm. Been in a t-shirt all day but as soon as it hits 4pm and the sun starts to go down, boy oh boy does the chilly feeling begin...

I've got a card to share with you today that I've been 'umming and ahhing' over for the past week. I garden very quickly, very fastidiously and go to sometimes four different gardens in one day. I wanted to capture that with a card. I don't think it quite pulls off the effect I was going for but maybe its still a good card?? Hopefully someone can tell me how to get it to look better for next time:

So you know the scenes in movies or tv where the superhero runs really fast and his body is blurred along, like your seeing lots of layers of him put together as he streaks past?? That's what I was trying to do with these gumboots. I even looked on the internet to try and find drawing techniques to show images 'moving' hence the black lines to the left but it didn't work. Do you have any ideas you can share with me??

I started by stamping the gumboots from the 'Plant a Garden' stamp set with Gina K Amalgam Black ink on white CS and colouring with my Altenew Artist Markers. After fussy cutting them out I grabbed my 'rainbow CS scraps' bag and traced the gumboots on each colour. I cut them out and then glued them together with only the very edges showing. It makes them quite high on the card but no more than doubled foam tape.

Using a brown Faber Castell pencil I created some dirt for the gumboots to be 'running' on and then stamped the sentiment (from the same set) down the bottom. I glued the boots in place and then used a ruler and 0.3 pen to draw the lines. 

I still think its a cool concept but needs some work and would really appreciate some advice. Its hard to share a card I'm not 100% happy with but sometimes its good to show each other that we all struggle with our designs and things don't always work. And to share our knowledge because I know someone out there will have the drawing experience to make these boots zoom across the card!!

I'm off to try and create something amazing for dinner. Have no idea what, hoping I'm inspired when I look in the fridge...Enjoy your weekend and will see you back here very soon.

Take care


  1. I think this is clever. Such a brilliant way to recreate your busy day.

  2. Shona I love your multicoloured blur! When I have tried to create something like this, I stamped the main image, masked it, and then took the same stamp, lightly stamped it off on scrap paper, then stamped it partially behind/over the first image - you can repeat this several times, moving the mask back over the image to the left as you stamp. You could even stamp in black, then move to gray ink to be able to get more 'blurred' images. Hope that makes sense.
    Stay safe

  3. I think this is AMAZING, Shona!!!! You've put your own Super Power in motion perfectly - using your OTHER Super Power of Paper crafting!