Wednesday, 22 April 2020

Rainbow Week - Day 1

Hi everybody!! Hope lockdown is treating you well wherever you are in the world and that you haven't been too affected by the virus. We have had 13 people die in our country (New Zealand) and all of them elderly, which is so horrible. I can't imagine what it must be like for those of you that have lost friends and family (not only to the virus) at this time and not being able to have a proper funeral. My heart goes out to you.

Even though its been my dream to have weeks of crafting time for years, I actually haven't made as many cards as I thought I would. So many things to think about, its hard to concentrate I find. 

However, all I can say is THANK GOODNESS for the internet and social media, as I've seen many things that have made me laugh, made me embarass myself (learning Tik Tok dances) and helped with my basketball skills. I've also been catching up on YouTube videos by some of my favourite crafters and was inspired to go thru all my cardstock scraps and get 'rainbow creative'!!

So over the next week I'll be sharing cards that have taken me 4 weeks to put together. I've had coffee cups filled with cardstock strips all over the lounge room for a month and vacuumed countless times because of my mess. I've enjoyed the long process though and hope you like what I've come up with!

Laura Bassen of Doublestick Heaven has always been the 'rainbow' and 'geometric' Queen to me.I love every single one of her designs and still want to be her when I grow up!  I've watched so many of her videos over lockdown and been inspired to get creative with some scraps:

I've always had a love affair with geometric shapes, especially triangles. No idea why but they tickle my fancy. So I knew after watching Laura's videos I had to find some triangle dies.

These dies are actually from the Neat and Tangled 'Triangle Box Die set' and they are for cutting paper etc to put on the front of the box. I put my scrap CS into colour sets, making pairs of light and dark. I cut the lighter colours with the smaller triangle, darker colours with the larger. I then just glued the little ones on top.

I spent FOREVER working on this design, taking a million photos of the shapes, layout etc but finally decided on this. I glued the triangles to white CS scraps first, cut out closely to the edges and then adhered to pieces of white foam. These were glued to the card fronts and the over-hang cut off. All I had to do then was stamp the sentiment (from The Stamp Market 'One of a Kind'), which fitted perfectly in-between, and glue on some Studio Katia Pearls.

Rainbow patterns always make me smile and I really hope this does the same for you. Its a gloriously sunny day here so I'm off to practice my basketball skills again. Might even get the kids to video my new trick I've been working on every, single, day......

Please stay home and stay safe!!


  1. Looks like you've been injected with Laura's design skills and made them your own. This one is fantastic. My graphic self loves the triangles. They're gorgeous and so is that sentiment. Good to hear your keeping your athletic skills honed.

  2. Wow - this is stunning Shona - Love what you have created with the triangle dies and colours of the card. You are an inspiration
    I have been busy with the gardens, gradually tidying and 'putting them to bed' for the winter - emptied the compost bin today - that was a good workout!
    Stay safe