Friday 14 October 2016

CASology Challenge # 218 - Entry no. 2

Hi everyone! I'm feeling a bit more rested as Max slept thru the night last night without any croup coughing, so all is good. He is home again today of course and chilling watching Adventure Time with a bacon sandwich.

You didn't think I could let the CASology Challenge 'Spooky' pass me by without another entry did you???

Everyone seems to love my 'Exorcist' card thank goodness. Its a fine line when making Halloween cards I find, would really hate to offend anyone, so hopefully everyone see's my cards as a bit of a laugh.  I came up with this idea on Thursday morning around 2am while cleaning up Max's vomit. I have no idea why this design would pop into my mind then, must have been the lack of sleep but I had to make sure I made it:

I was making this card yesterday and laughing to myself, as I hadn't sleep the night before and thought if I looked in the mirror right then, my eyes would look as googly as these!!

So simple to make, although I'm not 100% happy with the heart shape but it looks really good with the black background. The sentiment is from Simon Says Stamp 'Only Have Eyes for You' and the eyes from a local $1 store. Simple and spooky!!!

Its been raining on and off here today, so another good day to tackle my cards. I really wish I had a craft room but its so handy having my craft area tucked in the back of the lounge room as I can be with Max at the same time. Even though he's ignoring me while on his IPod, he still likes that I'm right there with him. Will see what other 'spooky' card ideas I can come up with.....

Take care


  1. This is such a fun and brilliant idea! Love it!

  2. Oh boy, you necver stop...this is funny and creepy at the same time. Of course, smart girl, you softened it by using the heart shape. Good thinking. Very happy to hear Max is feeling better and you got some sleep.

  3. Fabulously hilarious! 😊 I love its googly view of love.

  4. Fabulously hilarious! 😊 I love its googly view of love.

  5. Oh, Shona--I want to crawl right into your head and examine your brain! I love the way you think. This is fantastic and so very original. Thanks so much for sharing all your creativity with us at CASology.

  6. I LOVE this card!! Totally fun!!