Thursday 13 February 2014

An 'Honourable Mention'!!

Well, could I be more shocked!!! Has taken me quite a few days to recover from being sick, so was a little behind in the 'blogging' world. Finally got around to checking my emails the other day and there was one from CAS(E) talking about the #62 challenge. I went to the blog and absolutely loved the winning card and all of the runners up. Just below that they have an 'Honourable Mention' area and there was my card!
I couldn't believe it. This was the first challenge I have ever entered and didn't think I had a chance at all of even being mentioned, so this has certainly given me a HUGE confidence boost!!

My husband and kids were all very excited for me (although the kids were disappointed I didn't win) but its so nice they support me with my new hobby. Although I'm sure my husband would like the dining room table to be clear of craft more often, so we can actually eat off it.....

Take care

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  1. You're adorable, Shona! I can only imagine how thrilling it must have been to win the very first challenge you ever entered! (I consider an HM a win!) I'm very tickled for you. Thank you for the note that you have subscribed to my blog! If you also follow via the blue "Join This Site" button on my side bar, I will introduce you to my other readers so you can have more exposure. This is such a wonderful community and a great way to make friends!

    Happy Valentine's Day! Hugs, Darnell