Sunday 10 November 2013

I won a place in an Online Card Making Class!!

Well, I couldn't believe my eyes yesterday when I saw in my email Inbox an email from Laura Bassen! She is one of my absolutely favourite card designers. She was emailing to say that I had won a place in the Online Card Classes Holiday Workshop 2013. I couldn't believe it!! It is 2 weeks of classes taught by all my favourite designers. It starts tomorrow and I can't wait to do the first class!! It really has made my day and getting an email from Laura Bassen of Doublestick Heaven blog (which I follow) is like getting an email from a celebrity! Will let you know what the classes are like.

Has been a very busy few days with Max's birthday. He loved all his presents (especially the IPOD). Phoebe asked me to make a card for her, so she could have her own card to give him. I used Echo Park 'All about a Boy' again, its just perfect for him.

On Friday after school I brought back 4 of his friends (and Phoebe and her friend) to our house. They ate lots of lollies and played war (obsessed with Nerf guns). When my husband Dave came home we then went to the park and He brought down McDonalds for everyone. We had a fantastic time but boy was I tired when I finally dropped everyone home around 7.30pm.

We didn't get to try the cake until we got home and Max just loves it. He is obsessed with the game Minecraft, so was wonderful for him.

Still working on my bakers twine pieces but really want to make some more cards. So many ideas floating around in my head. A beautiful 29 degrees here today, so lots of sunblock needed!!

Take care


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