Friday 22 November 2013

Holiday Card Workshop - Day 5

Another day and a few more xmas cards. I just did two cards over the past hour, the fastest I have ever worked! Didn't want to stay up late tonight AGAIN so decided I would sneak them in between vacuuming and putting out washing.

Day 5 was a 'His and Her's theme'. Lots of great ideas but unfortunately alot involved embossing (which I can't do) and some of the cards weren't really my cup of tea. However, Kelly Rasmussen made two cards with a cut-out triangle representing a xmas tree, that was a bit of me!!

I didn't really go with the 'his and hers' theme but thats ok. This first card I used Echo Park 'Happy Holiday's Mini Theme' paper. After I die-cut the tree I tried stamping on the bottom card to fill in the tree space but it was a disaster. So out came the silver washi tape and voila! I cut out the curve by hand after tracing around a bread plate!

On this card I used papers from the same Echo Park Mini Theme. One of Kelly's cards had a scalloped edge. I ended up using a Rachel Carley fluted side plate and traced around the edge. I think it looks pretty good!!

Tomorrow is the last day of the workshop. Am going to miss all the ideas but have found it quite stressful making cards all the time. I certainly have rather a big bundle of them now, so not many more to make for xmas!

Kids and husband back to their usual places today...hoorah! Can hear myself think and place not so messy (although that's more to do with the husband, than the children...he thinks because he's sick that he doesn't have the energy to pick up after himself....). I told him I won't get sick because I am always on the go and the germs can't catch me!!!! Maybe I should have a 'sick day' anyway.......

Take Care

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  1. These are both beautiful! Your jewels on both trees work quite well. Good to hear your family is feeling better!