Friday 15 June 2018

The Cats Pajama's Challenge # 347 (Entry #2)

I actually was able to get outside and garden today....yippee!! After three days inside it was wonderful to get all dirty and muddy, and be in the open air. The weekend is looking good for weather too, so might be able to tackle some of my own weeds if I'm lucky......

I've loved doing The Daily Marker 30 Day Colouring Challenge this month and it certainly helps with my card production. I have so many images ready to be made into cards and with two weeks left to go I'll have cards coming out of my ears!! It also explains why I have another entry for The Cats Pajama's Challenge!!


I coloured this card recently as part of the Colouring Challenge and finished off yesterday to turn into this card:

This is the sweetest stamp set and the sentiments are just as gorgeous as the images. Its from The Cats Pajama's and called 'Family Forever'. This card is made entirely from that set!

As this is a one-layer design, it was very easy to put together. I started off by stamping the bear and 'a bunch of baby ducks' on the card front. I coloured the animals with my pencils and then did something different.

The pencils I use aren't anything amazing. They are Faber Castell Watercolour pencils. I like them better than the normal pencils, they seem to have a nicer texture. I've never actually watercoloured with them but didn't want to 'pencil-in' the water. So....I scribbled with a blue pencil across the bottom of the card and then very gently with a big round wet brush, swished it a few times over the pencil. The card isn't watercolour CS so I had to be careful but after drying straight away and putting under some heavy books, it was a success!!

All I had to do then was stamp the sentiment and the raindrops, which I coloured blue as well. And I didn't feel the need to add even one sequin, which for me is unheard of!!!

I actually have another card to share using more TCP stamps and another one in the works, so they will be inundated with my entries again!!

Speaking of 'pajamas', Dave has just popped out to pick up 'Friday Night Pizza' so will go and put my pjs on so I can eat in comfort. I used to love Friday nights for the social outings to the bars, clubs and pubs but now I'm more than happy to get in my pajama's, eat pizza, drink a huge glass of Coke and watch a movie with my kids. Funny how things change.....

Take care


  1. Super cute Shona, and I do love your watercoloured base - well done on breaking out of your comfort zone and creating this great 'wash'

  2. Yes, PJ's are my favorite style, as well. Hope Max is feeling better, too. As you your sweet adorable card...coloring is wonderful and that sentiment is the best.