Tuesday 17 September 2013

I got a photo on my blog!!!!!

Has only taken me 2 days but have finally worked out how to get photos on to my blog. Have been going a little card crazy of late. There have been a few birthdays, a card needed for my daughters friend and decided to make one for myself (which is the one you can see).

Its just basic card stock that I embossed with a hexagon pattern and then used some American Crafts 'My Girl' papers.  The blue flair is from The Paper Bakery and the grey striped washi tape is from my favourite internet craft shop PaperVine, which is actually run from my little town Blenheim, New Zealand. They have the best washi tape collection in New Zealand and all sorts of other gorgeous embellishments etc. Definately worth a look!!!

Have been looking at so many other blogs each day and getting so much inspiration. Have only been making cards when I actually needed some (birthdays etc) but have decided that if I have an idea for one, I'm just going to make it and store it somewhere just incase I can use it another day. And if not, will try to find somewhere I can send the cards so someone else can get some use out of them.

Have alot more cards and other crafts to load on here now that I have worked out how to do it. Would really love to hear some feedback!!



  1. I remember when I first started a blog, I totally deserted it because I was so frustrated with the technology {total user error!}. I was beyond please with myself when I finally figured out how to upload a picture...so I chuckled when I read your post.

    I think of you as the Queen of Clean & Crisp...you generally incorporate tons of 'space'...something that is near & dear to my heart. So with this card, I see how much your style has changed. We all gotta start somewhere, right?

    I'm thrilled to have found you in this vast bloggie land...think about it...how many crafty blogs are out there? Like probably a bazillion! I'm always thankful for my bloggie friends that provide me with such support and inspiration...thank you for that.

  2. lovely first card on your Blog Shona..and yeessss you did it you can put picture on your blog...do you know how to make bigger for your picture Shona...let me tell you what I knew..
    Put a picture..after it shown on your post (preparing a post) then klick right HAND of your mouse..it will show you small MEDIUM LARGE X LARGE or Original Size...you can choose X LARGE...so the picture on your blog will be bigger..and more lovely...

    I choose also bold alphabet and the size of my alphabet LARGE also it can make ladies who cant read easily EASY to read my blog cause it has BIG BOLD letter LOL...
    its only an IDEA and please dont angry to me...
    I love your blog it has a lovely BG design too..

    Now I am following you by EMAIL..its a nice tools..each time you post new things it come POP UP on my mail and I easier klick your post Theme and I can see what you made...