Saturday 21 September 2013

Canvas Project

Am so tired...can hardly keep my eyes open. Really need to go to bed but keep getting caught up in different people's blogs and Pinterest. Hours seem to disappear when I start 'pinning'!!

Decided to show a project I did for my daughter a few months ago. We got our dog 'Bella' as a puppy for Christmas 2011. She was a huge bundle of white fluff (and still is) and we all just loved her. My daughter has a special bond with her so I decided to put together these photos on a canvas to celebrate their friendship. She shows it to everyone that comes to the house and has it at the head of her bed.

Speaking of bed, must go and visit mine......Thanks for stopping by!!



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    1. Thanks so much!! Bella (the puppy) certainly isn't this small anymore, she is a 42kg polar bear but is still very much loved!!