Friday 22 April 2016

CASology Challenge - Featured Designer!!

Well, I received a very exciting email this week from Melissa at CASology asking if I would like to be their Featured Designer for the next four weeks?? What a fabulous invitation and of course I said yes straight away!!


Over on the CASology blog today there is a photo of me and a bit of information about my family, how I started card making and some other little bits and pieces. 

One of the things I mention is our house which is 106yrs old. I'm not sure if I've shared photos of the house before, so thought you might like to see where I live:

This is our old house which we are about three quarters thru with renovating. When we purchased it you couldn't see it from the street and the whole front yard was filled with huge, overgrown trees and bushes.

This photo was taken from the front deck showing some of my roses and garage. Oscar is waiting patiently by the front gate for his walk.

This is the other side of our front yard with the huge trampoline that gets used nearly every day, even by me! And its great for the dogs to get some shade too.

I'm going to be on the CASology blog for the next three Fridays, so I hope you will join me! Next week I'm going to show you my craft space, which gives me a week to tidy up. And will show you some of my favourite CASology entries from over the years.

To finish off, this is the first card I entered into a CASology challenge. The word was 'Rain' and it was in April 2014. How funny that two years later I am a Featured Designer and still a huge fan of this challenge!!

See you next Friday!!




  1. Yay YOU! How fun to read about your over on the CASology blog! Thanks for sharing pics of your lovely home + Oscar. Your card is perfect! LOVE that sentiment!

  2. Hi Shona,
    thank you for showing your wonderful house and yard. You live lovely!!!
    Your car also is lovely, I like it very much.
    Hugs, Flo

  3. Congratulations on your Featured Designer gig, Shona!!! Your projects are always fabulous and inspiring! And what a beautiful home (and place you live in)!!!! Oscar is totally cute too! Heading over to the CASology blog now to read more!

  4. Congrats Shona, your house is gorgoesu. Looks so different to me than what we see in London!! Would love to live there!

  5. Oh my what a beautiful home. Have see bits and pieces of your yard but it so lovely to get a real perspective. That front deck (what I like to call a porch) is awesome. Bet you get a terrific workout on that trampline.

  6. Your home and yard are just lovely. New Zealand is so high up on my wish list of places to visit and explore. Thanks for being our Featured Designer this week. We are so very lucky to have you.

  7. Oh Shona!!! I am so very happy for you, and for us, too!!! Believe it or not, I remember your first card ... now I have to go see what I may have entered, or if! LOVE your 106 year old home - is the guest room available? xx

    1. Just checked ... I hadn't started until May! So I must have just been a stalker back then!! =] =] xx You will rock this gig, Shona!

  8. Great to see you as the Featured Guest Shona, and love you house, it is very charming, and my kids would love your trampoline ;) You are one talented girl on the blogland!! So happy to have come across you.

  9. Congratulations, Sho!!! Well-deserved!! Thank you for sharing the photos of your BEAUTIFUL home, yard, cards, and fabulous pooches!! I really enjoyed it, just as I've enjoyed your blog journey. You guys have put a ton of love and work into making your home this gorgeous!! Enjoy the weekend! Hugs, Darnell

  10. Big congrats on the GD spot, Shona - so well-deserved!!!!
    Your card with all the cute little hearts falling from the clouds are so sweet and are so cleverly made!!!! Such a great idea to have the three red hearts and the enamel dots complete the lovely picture perfectly!!!!!
    I love your beautiful house!!!! TFS your photo's!!!
    Have a great weekend!!!

  11. Ok, so which is my room?? Bags packed and ready to board that plane! 😉 Your house and yard look AMAZING!! So lovely to see your place. Wish you could come over and work some magic on our yard... Anyway, love that first card! You've always had a lot of style, and I have so enjoyed watching your magic unfold over the years. You are so talented! You always have been. Right from the start! You heartily deserve all the achievements you have attained thus far, and it's such a treat to have you as our GD this month!! Looking forward to your inspiration. As always! Xxx

  12. So happy to see you as the featured designer, Shona! Thank you for sharing your story and showing your place:)! Beautiful house and yard! And I love your first entry at CASology! Pretty and CAS like the cards you are making now :)! Have a wonderful weekend!

  13. Love your home! 106 years old -- WOW! I bet its a fascinating place to be. I like your card, as usual. Way to go as the featured designer!

  14. Many congratulations on your FD spot at CASology, Shona! What a lovely home and garden you've renovated ... so stylish and so welcoming! Hugs, Anita :)

  15. First a big congrats to you about your spot at CASology! So well deserved. Your card is fabulous and I love your gorgeous home, would love to see the inside too!

  16. Shona, I'm just back from a few days in Sydney and I see your most wonderful news! So fabulous to see you showcased like this! Huge congratulations to you and thanks for sharing your lovely home and gardens.