Friday 29 April 2016

CASology Featured Designer - Week 2

Hi everyone and welcome to my second CASology 'Featured Designer' post. 

Over on the CASology blog, I have a photo of my computer area and a bit of information about how I work etc. I mention in the post my dining table area where I craft and this is it:

Good grief, I've just realised how dirty my windows are!!!!!

I see so many photos from people showing off their craft areas and they are all so gorgeous. My area may not be fancy but it gets the job done and I can watch tv and talk to the family at the same time, so all is good. It actually gets really cold in this corner for some reason, so when Winter really hits, I drag what I need over to the fireplace and craft in front of it. Surrounded by the dogs and cats as well......

I took a photo of something else I thought you might find funny. I love all the folders, envelopes etc that you can buy to store your stamps and dies. Unfortunately that sort of storage system is WAY beyond my budget so I store my stamps and dies this way:

This is so embarassing but funny at the same time!! I use Snaplock Sandwich bags to put my stamps in and separate each brand by a piece of cardboard (usually cut from Nutragrain cereal boxes). Ah how the other half lives!!

I wanted to share with you today as well, a photo of the first card I received an Honorable Mention for from CASology. It was Challenge # 93, so about two years ago:

I've looked at a lot of my cards from when I first started making them, and many of them are so awful!! This one I'm still really happy with and I can see where my CAS style started taking shape. 

Final photo I promise!! I managed to make a card for this weeks CASology challenge 'Sprinkle':

We are desperate for rain where I live and all we've had in the last three weeks in a little 'sprinkle' one night. So that inspired this card. 

I cut a panel of white CS and used my mini-blending tool and Distress Inks 'Mermaid Lagoon', 'Salty Ocean', Peacock Feathers' and 'Cracked Pistachio' to create a 'watery coloured' background. I then flicked droplets of water over the panel with my fingers and used a tissue to remove the liquid. I used a waffle-edged frame to cut the panel and then cut another frame from white CS and put them both together with some washi tape at the back. It was then adhered to the card front.

The umbrella and handle were die-cut 3x from white CS, glued together and then to the card front. I then stamped the sentiment in black and added some blue and clear sequins.

The waffle frame is from Pretty Pink Posh, as well as the sequins. The umbrella die is from Paper Smooches and the sentiment from Create a Smile 'Bad Day'.

I hope you enjoyed this sneaky peek into my crafting zone and that it gave you a bit of a giggle. Next week I thought I would share some of my favourite CAS creations, so hope you will join me here and on the CASology  blog.

Take care


  1. Oh Shona, I use to work at my dinning table just a year ago. Since last year, I have my own craft room, nothing fancy just a table and few shelves.
    Your cards are beautiful, I don't think having a fancy room is all that important. Whatever we have, if we are able to make the best out of it is good enough.
    The talent you have is just remarkable, I loved looking at the space where you create your gorgeous cards.

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  3. My husband and I also share a room where I craft and he works (when he is not at work ) LOL always working but yes, I think it's a good thing, because then I don't feel too guilty when I craft when he's home!
    You don't have to feel embarrassed at all... at least you have something to organize, I don't even own enough stamps to need any organisation!
    Love the natural light. Good to see your space!

  4. Looks awesome Shona! Love seeing where the magic happens♡

  5. You have an amazing talent Shona! That's what matters. I love your cards! Thank you so much for sharing!

  6. Great to picture where you craft, Shona. My set up is very similar. I have a cupboard in the hall that holds my stash and I have to bring it to my lounge table which is also where my laptop sits...constantly in a mess but that's all I have to work with in a one bedroom flat! I did splash out and buy some stamp pockets but much of my stash is kept in inexpensive plastic boxes, and shoe-horned into my cupboard! Love the blue blend on your card with the pretty scalloped frame, so fresh and clean xx

  7. Thanks so much for sharing your craft space and for showing off the sunshine Blenheim and Nelson are so famous for! I used to have a small space in the living room too - but once your children leave home, one of the compensations is that bedrooms very easily become craft rooms!

  8. Such a beautiful CAS card, Shona! I love how you created your rainy sky, and your waffle-edged frame is perfect!
    I'm really impressed that your craft space is so limited, yet your creations are always fabulous! I also love that you're a frugal crafter...using cardboard and snack baggies ~ Good for you! Thanks so much for sharing your craft space with us, and your HM card, which is beautiful!
    By the way...I didn't notice your windows until you mentioned it :)

  9. Loved seeing your crafty spots. Thought it was funny that you use cereal boxes to categorize your stamps & dies because the I use cardboard from the different companies to separate mine. Also liked looking at your 1st CASOLOGY with. It's grey & yellow so, of course I love it as well as your "Sprinkle" card.

  10. Loved seeing your crafty spots. Thought it was funny that you use cereal boxes to categorize your stamps & dies because the I use cardboard from the different companies to separate mine. Also liked looking at your 1st CASOLOGY with. It's grey & yellow so, of course I love it as well as your "Sprinkle" card.

  11. Thank you for sharing your craft area! It it proves that one doesn't need a huge designer decorated space to create beautiful cards! I also admire the way you store and organize your stamps! I also don't feel like spending precious money on matching envelopes and such. I'd rather buy more stamps!
    I would love to see the exact area where you take your pictures. I always love how they look!
    Btw, we recently drove through Blenheim, New York and I had to think of you!

  12. I love your craft corner, Shona. I also have a small desk in a corner and no dedicated space. I also have a husband who doesn't like my crafting gear all over the dining room table, haha! Your space looks much, much neater than mine. ;-) I really love your snaplock system. I might use that one. I have almost zero system right now, and it's desperately needed.

  13. Such a gorgeous card Shona - I love the sentiment and your water coloured background is stunning. And thanks too for sharing your craft space pics - your set up is so similar to mine and I too tend to take over the dining table :-) xx

  14. I also store my stamps in sandwich bags and your craft ara is twice as big as mine! Fun cards x

  15. Your comment about the windows made me laugh Shona - I'd be mortified if anyone saw mine! And funnily enough, I too keep a lot of my stamps in clear sandwich bags - they're the perfect size and stop the little stamps from falling out! I think both your cards are gorgeous but the latest casology one is a stunner - you've blended those colours beautifully and I love the white umbrella silhouette!

  16. Your Sprinkle card is so pretty, Shona! I love the color gradation from blue to green and the splatter looks fabulous! Thanks for sharing your craft space. It looks very comfortable and organized for me. Btw my stamps are in their original packages and it works still very well :).
    Have a wonderful weekend!

  17. Love your cosy crafting area, Shona!!!! And I really like both your cards - both having a weather theme!!!!! Your sponging is so perfectly and smoothly done and the colours are beautiful!!!- I can never achieve such a wonderful smooth look!!! :( Love the scalloped frame!!! Awesome cards!!!

  18. Shona I love to see where you create and your space is lovely! It doesn't have to be big and splashy, as you prove pumping out one fabulous card after another!

  19. I loved getting a peek at where the magic happens, Shona! Beautiful card for the sprinkles challenge!

  20. Great peak at your crafting area Shona, its good to know not everyone has every do-dad and there are others that find the good old ziplock sandwich bag is handy in the craft room along with dividers made of old nutrigrain boxes lol. So much is out of our price range simple because of postage rates, thats for sure.. Love your card for this weeks challenge and the one that got you your first honourable mention.

  21. Inspired on so many levels, Sho! I never thought of ziploc bags! Mine are all still in their (tearing) cellophane wrappers. Love that you re-purpose things too! Your place looks absolutely beautiful - I can see that your creative flair extends far and wide! As for this week's card - just stunning! Beautiful blues and so beautifully inked and sprinkled!

  22. Love your two sweet cards. They are perfect for the challenge. Very fun to get a peek into your craft space. So inspiring to see that beauty and magic are possible even without a perfectly appointed and enormous craft room. You do amazing things with your cozy little space. Thanks so much for being our guest designer this week at CASology.

  23. Lucky you that this card with umbrella also one of HM you are really a lady with many DIES and you can use it so great Shona
    sometimes I think I want this DIE that DIE but DIE is expensive thats why I start with stamp and still make my card and background with stamp but you are abolutely right
    using DIES make the job faster and easier
    you only think of a scene and make the background only stamp the sentiment and voila finish hehe I will try to make my DIE collection more and more Shona
    and your dining table is cool I mean it is the place that make so many winning card
    the first card for CASology win also adorable Shona
    and I am happy that you still have that small place for looking to the web site or blogsite
    I was having that small place too but no computer haha and if you dont believe me I made cards with that tiny table too
    but then my hubby think why dont I used Guest room we have so less guest also I can use the table and the cabinet we bought to put all my stamps and paper there..Shona thanks for sharing your place it is really a cozy place where your all family there and Mami can creating cards...I always creating if my kids sleep haha and has no one asking something to me...
    Shona I am happy to know you