Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Using Black Cardstock

White cardstock always seems to be my 'fall-back' colour when it comes to making cards, so decided to step out of my comfort zone and try some black on for size.
I think I had seen something similar to this idea on Pinterest. I have 3 scrunchy bits of paper that I scribble card ideas on to when I suddenly think of something or I'm looking at blogs/pinterest. I usually don't copy it 100% (mainly because I don't have all the products to do that) but also because I don't want to copy someone else's design, doesn't seem fair.

So I thought black would be good with the bright 'candy' colours and I really like it.

Yes, 'hello' came out again, even my husband (who I show all my designs to) said its about time I bought some new die cuts. So must try to squeeze some money out of the budget and buy something new.

Very lazy day today with it raining the whole day. Kids and I have been working on Lego projects and I'm shortly going to try and re-string(?) our fishing rods, so we can go fishing off the jetty in Picton. Wish me luck!!


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