Tuesday 7 January 2014

Happy New Year for 2014!!

Good grief, where has the time gone???? I can't believe my last post was on the 20th December? A belated Happy New Year to you all and hope you had a wonderful Christmas and exciting new year celebrations.

We had a very quiet Christmas at home with very happy children. They loved all their presents and we spent the day doing Lego and eating chocolates. The weather hasn't been all that wonderful here but have made the most of the sunny days at the beach, park, riverbanks etc. The kids are halfway through their school holidays and Dave goes back to work on the 13th January. Has been alot of soccer playing and swimming with the kids, mixed in with trying to paint our 100yr old house!!

So, its been VERY quiet on the craft front as with everyone home I just don't get a chance to do any. Have finally got all my craft products on the dining room table again but realise I've actually lost a bit of confidence with my card making after not doing it for a while. Just need to get back in the saddle and have decided to try a few online challenges as well, so watch this space!

The one thing I wanted to mention was my christmas present from my mother-in-law. I got my hands on a We R Memory Keepers Trim and Score Board. It is absolutely brilliant and love that its so sharp. 

I absolutely love that it opens out to fit a 12 x 12 page and that I can trim and score at the same time.

I must say though that the one thing I have had trouble with is that there is no guide to match up my pencil mark with. I usually mark lightly at the edge of a page where I want to cut. Once the clear cover is down there is no arrow/line that I can match my mark up to, to show where the blade will cut. I have worked out now to match it up with the cutting groove but its still not 100% accurate. That is a little disappointing but after working it out I'm very happy with it and have such 'fuzz free' cuts on my cards. No more fuzz trimming for me!!

Have decided that since its 11pm its too late to craft now, so am about to watch a horror movie (probably eat some potato chips.....) and then go off to bed. I love that there is no rush each morning and the kids quite often sleep in, so we are very slow and relaxed at the start of our holiday days.

Will try and do some creating tomorrow and let you know what I've come up with. And got a surprise today, someone commented on a previous post about  my xmas present tags!!! I got such a shock, I didn't think anyone read my blog. 

Take Care


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  1. Well how fun for you getting a new trim and score board. I am sure you will find all sorts of ways to use it.

    Hugs Diane