Saturday 7 December 2013

Washi Xmas Trees on the wall

I decided the other night that the kids could have their own xmas trees in their room but instead of buying 2 little trees, I thought what a great opportunity to use some washi tape!!

So I asked the kids to choose all their favourite tapes (I have quite a few to choose from.....) and I chose a spot where there is a table underneath. That way they can leave some food and drink for Santa and maybe he will leave something for them!!

The tree's aren't perfectly straight but the kids don't care. They absolutely love them! Some of the tape keeps coming away but I just keep pushing it back down every time I pass them. As we get closer to xmas and the kids start getting xmas cards from their classmates, I will have to work out some way to attach them to their trees...maybe more washi!!!!!

Take care

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