Monday 2 December 2013

Finally have my twine projects on display!!

I can't believe its been over a week since my last post. Was really burnt out after doing the Holiday Card Workshop, have never had to make so many cards in such a short period of time. Needed some time out but am now starting to get new card ideas popping up in my head, that I really need to try out......

Yesterday, Phoebe, Max and I put up our Xmas tree. I try to control some of the decorating but pretty much let them go for it and they love doing it.

I was in charge of decorating the front of the house. We don't have many decorations but was a chance to finally put up some of my Bakers Twine projects. 

I absolutely love how my front door wreath turned out. Simple and christmasy!!

And with some ribbon and a staple gun, I managed to hang up my smaller wreaths that I showed photos of in my last post. I think they look really effective and can't wait to make more as presents for my friends and family.

Even managed to find a nice spot on my mantlepiece for my twine xmas trees. I also fitted in my silver thumbtack balls which I love to make as well. 

I even found this wreath that I had made last year (that I'd forgotten about...), I must have been a wreath in a former life, as I can't stop making them!!

Have started a new tradition this year where I ordered a HUGE pile of xmas story books from the local library, wrapped them all up and put under the tree. Each night before bed, one of the kids gets to choose a 'book present', unwrap it and we read it together in bed. So far the kids are loving it!!

Must get back to 'twining' something!!

Take care


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