Wednesday, 11 October 2017

CASology Challenge Week #270

Hi there everybody!! I hope I haven't scared you all off with my last two Halloween cards. I've had lots of comments left by people who have loved them and laughed a lot, so that makes me very happy!! I have lots more to show you, some cute, some gross so hopefully I can share one with you every day between now and Halloween!!

As you can see the theme for this week at CASology is 'Odd'. How could I NOT join in this one and I have the perfect card to show you:

So instead of 'odd' in the way of numbers, I've gone with the 'odd' as in how odd that this person is saying they are late when they are covered in blood, and what is the actual reason? The reason itself would be quite odd I can imagine and I would tell you a few scenarios but don't want to scare can just use your imagination.....

I must tell you, my husband took one look at this and thought the reason this woman was late was because she had just gotten her period. I laughed and said that's a good thought but its probably a bit more sinister than that!!

As you can imagine this was ridiculously easy to put together. I used my MISTI to stamp these bloody hand-prints from Inkadinkadoo 'Bloody Scene' using Altenew 'Velvet' ink. I stamped them 3x to get them really red. The sentiment is from Create a Smile 'Creepy Cute' and was stamped in black ink. Done!!

Since I created this one on World Card Making Day this past Saturday at my Mum's house, I'm going to link it to the Simon Says Stamp - WCMD Challenge 

Its dinnertime and I've got nothing organised at all. The kids have their friends Alex and Ella staying the night tonight because I'm driving the 4 of them to Nelson for the day tomorrow (its around 1.5hrs away). Should be a lot of fun and the kids can swim and trampoline jump with their friends instead of me. I'm sure I'll be able to amuse myself with trashy magazines and a hot chocolate or two while I watch.......or maybe I can do some colouring!!!

Take care



  1. You are seriously scaring me, Shona! Do I need to be concerned about your kids and pet?!?!?! tee hee hee

  2. Honestly, laughex so hard after reading what Dave said, had tears rolling down my cheeks. Still, love that your ghoulish imagination goes here so easily & that you have the talent to pull it off. Whether late for dinner or for your period, it is odd.

  3. Okay - when I first saw the hands...all I could think of is that scene in the movie Titanic where they are, know - in the back of the car. And the hand slides down the steamed up window. Lol - totally a reason for being late!! Tee hee! Such a thought & humor provoking card....great job! ♥

  4. I really am enjoying your clever sense of humor. This is a very fun card, and I can imagine many odd reasons for the bloody hands. Thanks so much for playing along at CASology this week.

  5. Your cards are always a delight, Shona! I'll go with a less sinister reason for red hands - mine look like this after cutting beets or pitting cherries. :) Thanks for sharing with us at CASology this week!

  6. Clean, simple and such a fun card! Love the bloody handprints. Made me laugh out loud!