Friday 13 May 2016

CASology - Featured Designer - Week 4

Hi everyone and welcome to my last post as the Featured Designer at CASology. 

I've really enjoyed the last four weeks, especially going back and looking at older cards. Nothing like a walk down memory lane to make you realise how far you've come!!

For this post I wanted to show you some of my stranger CASology entries. On the CASology blog I show three cards where I pushed the boundaries with regards to the Code Word and I have a few more to show you: 

Thank goodness my photo taking has gotten a bit better, this card is on the strangest angle!! Believe it or not, this card was for the challenge 'Run'. For some reason I kept coming back to running water or tears running down a face etc. And this lead to the bleeding heart, as if someone is missing their loved one so much their heart is crying. I still really like this one.

This was for the 'Chocolate' challenge and of course being an M&M addict, I tried to recreate them on my card. It didn't quite work out as I had hoped as the colour was quite light and all the Glossy Accents on top made the CS all bumpy but it was still cool to try it out.

This one was for the challenge 'Date'. I think my card was the only one with a 'date palm' on it, what a surprise.......where do I get these ideas from?????

As you can imagine this is one of my all-time favourites!! This was for the 'Zombie' challenge and what could be more of a bad day than being attacked by Zombies?? It still makes me laugh!! Hopefully I can still come up with these strange and whacky cards every now and then, especially with the code words that the CASology challenges use, the possibilities are sometimes endless.....

This last card photo is my most popular card ever. I made it in December 2014 and I still keep coming across it on Pinterest:

Amazing that a shaker card can still be CAS!! I love this card and hope someday I can have another 'a-ha' moment and create something like this again!

Sorry, this has turned into quite the picture heavy post but I have one more photo to share with you. My friend Susanne of Keep in Touch Cards asked to see a photo of where I take my cards photos. Here it is:

Yes, that's a bedside table, in fact its my husbands beside table.  I worked out that the best light (most of the time) is in our bedroom as we have a room (you can see to the right) that is the corner of the house and has windows around it. The sun comes in there all day and if I get my times just right, it helps me take a good photo. So again its not fancy, no lightbox, no extra lighting bits and pieces, just a bedside table near the window.

Well, that's it, the end of my Featured Designer posts. I have enjoyed myself so much, its been wonderful looking at the older cards and sharing a bit more about myself and where I craft. Thank you all for your comments and support. And a big thank you to the CASology Design Team for creating such a brilliant challenge! Looking forward now to seeing who the next Featured Designer will be......

Take care


  1. Your cards are delightful! Thank you for sharing your talent and sense of humor.

  2. Your cards are so fun!! I enjoyed seeing your creative ventures~thanks for the smile. ;)

  3. My quirky sense of humor seems to be in line with yours. I remember most of these cards including the "lunch" card on the CASology blog. Most of the time, I laugh right out loud when I see them. The "Date" card had me rolling on the floor. Though I'm not a horror movie fan, LOVED the "Spatter", and "Zombie" cards. You've been hoot during Featured Designer stint. Every time I see your name, I know the card is going to be a treat.

  4. I've really enjoyed these posts Shona. Thanks for sharing so much of yourself with us. I loved your zombie card too. And somehow, I always imagined that your photos were taken in your kitchen!

  5. You know I love all your cards. No one else has your sense of humor or can stretch an idea like you. My favorite of all time is the Zombie, I think. x

  6. I have so enjoyed your posts as our Featured Designer this month. I especially love this week's recap of some of your more unusual cards. What a fantastic bunch, and here's to many more. Thanks so much for being our Featured Designer at CASology.

  7. Your cards are all eyecatching,Shona! Love your fun way to interpret the code words!
    And I was curious about the place for your photos, too:). Best place with good light and neutral background! Have a wonderful weekend!

  8. Thank you so much for showing us your photo studio! ;) It seems like you found the perfect spot!
    Always love your fun takes on the cue words!

  9. I've LOved seeing your [well remembered] cards of the past, Shona! Our cards are photographed so similarly, thanks to your friend - love seeing this set-up!

  10. many amazing and wonderful cards Shona! Really love them all but your sweet m&m card steals the show!

  11. I just love your sense of humor. Cards are so fun!

  12. Your cards are awesome, Shona!! Love them! And I looove horror movies, so the 'splatter' and 'blood'...very cool. ;)

  13. I just love your sense of humor and your ability to execute! Fantastic!