Friday 7 August 2015

I'm on the Winnie and Walter Blog today!!!

Yes, your reading that correctly!! The 'Spotlight' is on little old me today on the Winnie and Walter blog and I'm about to explode with excitement!

You can imagine my surprise when I got an email from Shay a while ago asking if I would be interested in doing this. I'm such a huge fan and its my dream to be on their design team, so there was no way I would have said no!

I have spent weeks working on my cards, trying to create designs that haven't been seen before to try and knock Shay and Julies socks off. Fingers crossed I've done that and that you all like my creations too.

There are five cards on the blog today and I thought I would show you my favourite. I came up with this while driving to pick up the kids from school one afternoon. I raced into my Mum's house (she lives directly across the road from the school) and without talking to her I grabbed her notepad and pen and scribbled a picture before I forgot it. And it turned out even better than I imagined!

I really hope you have a chance to pop over to the Winnie and Walter blog and see the other four cards. Would love to hear what you think too! I have another 'Spotlight' day next Tuesday so can't wait for you to see those projects as well.

Thanks again Shay and Julie for giving me this most amazing opportunity to show off your gorgeous products, I hope I do you proud!

Take care


  1. WOWEE Shona!!! I bet you actaully DID knock Shay & Julie's socks off . . . you did mine!! Been over there to see them! You are truly an artist and inspiration to all. Congratulations on your very well deserved 'Spotlight'. Have a great day! Hazel xx

  2. Whoop whoop! Congrats on being in the spotlight and this card shows exactly why they chose you - this is a stunner!

  3. Congrats, I just left a comment on WW, your cards are amazing but then I knew before you did that you would shine!!

  4. OMG - So, so, so wonderful! I'm so excited for you! Fantastic card. You have such a superb style!

  5. Just wanted you to know I'm drooling over your cards at W&W. So much so, had to subscribe to your blog. Glad I did because, girl, you have talent fairly dripping off of you. I'm so in awe of your skill and cleverness.

  6. LOve this soo, so much!!! Running....

  7. WOW....a big congrats to you!!! And so well deserved too. What a fabulous card, just amazing Shona!

  8. YES! Big Big congrats my friend...way to rock the W&W!

  9. I am so glad you got this down on paper at your mom's. It would have been tragic to not make this. It is amazing!

  10. Congrats! And this one looks great! I'll hop over to see the others...Hugs, Gerrina

  11. WOOHOO GO YOU!!! Awesome cards I am sure they are amazed and will want to keep you, they's be mad if they didn't.

  12. Shona, you "must" have heard the echoes and vibrations of my wild cheering, applauding and happy dancing when I saw that you were in the spotlight at W&W's! Congrats, my friend! I'm just back from admiring your five AWESOME cards, and I'm back to share my comment:

    SHONA! I knew *grin* that it was just a matter of time before the spotlight would shine on you - and here you are - highlighting your incredible talent with W&W products with a set of cards that have me in jaw-dropped, breath-taken-away AWE! Well-deserved, my friend! You've created magic here! You've showcased the multi-faceted die with style, flair and panache...can't wait to case some of your stunning designs once I'm back home! You rock, Shona! Thank you, Julie and Shay, for sharing Shona with us!
    Truly, you've made this die 'sing' with what you've done! Love them allll! My crystal ball predicts you'll be invited to the DT in no time - if you haven't been asked already! Stoked for you! Wish we lived closer, because what fun we'd have; like you, I have zero people to craft with in real life. Glad you're part of my 'world''re a treasure!