Thursday 13 March 2014

Online Card Class - Clean and Simple One Layer Cards - Day 1&2

I had some VERY exciting news on Monday. Was going thru my emails and found one telling me I had won a spot in the latest online card class, starting the next day!!! I was so happy as I'm loving the creation of CAS cards and this would teach me so much.

Unfortunately it has also been a VERY busy week, so I'm very behind with the class. The emails turn up around 1am (because I'm in New Zealand) and I haven't had a chance to look at Day 3 so far today. Will have to wait till tonight.

The first lessons included learning to 'inlay die-cuts', which I've seen many people do but didn't know where to start. As you know I don't own many dies, so had to come up with a design that would work with the lesson.
It was quite a disaster for me as I lost a tiny piece from right in the middle (of the first 'L') and I seem to have little gaps around the edges of the rectangles. I will definitely try it again and at least know what to do next time, so I don't have pieces that are 'nearly invisible' to piece back in.

I don't have access to any good cardstock at the moment either (this is just from a local stationary store) so it tends to tear and buckle. Will have to see if I can improve my stock!!

Day 2 gave more examples of these types of cards, which look amazing. They also covered doing 'faux metal', which looked really cool but I don't have any way to re-create that one.

So, I'm pretty happy with the card (if I don't look closely) and will do some more creating tonight when I look at the next lessons (if I don't fall asleep first!!).

Take care


  1. This looks good! I know what you mean about losing tiny pieces -- what a pain! I like what you did here, and I think it's even harder to add a diecut word in the middle of the shapes. Excellent job!

  2. These colours are fabulous together, Shona ... love the pop of pink in the 'hello'! I'm so far behind in class I'm probably not even in detention any more! Hoping to see more than Day 1 videos tomorrow .. and maybe even make some cards! Anita :)